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HR Reworked. The Right Tools. The Right Solutions. Driving Better Workplaces Experiences.

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Face it, HR is complex and often complicated. Though, it is likely the most important function in your business. New technology, advanced equipment, superb marketing are all great at pushing strategic operations forward yet stall when organizations relegate their human capital and people relations to second tier.

Regardless how large or small your business operations are having positive people relations will save you a lot of time and energy in the workplace; and likely a lot of money in the long run. If done correctly, HR can be the gamechanger for setting you, your people, and your business up for success; from obtaining the best people on your team to creating a work environment that make employees want to stay. The sooner you begin to think about your HR needs the better; however its never too late. Many small businesses don’t have the resources to hire an HR team or full-time professional and often business managers are left to hire, fire, and discipline other employees without the assistance of HR. This can certainly be an issue opening your organization up to legal risks, even moreso if you do not have effective or outdated employee handbook or HR policies. Effectively managing your people and setting them up for success will set your workplace a part from the rest. I encourage you to invest early so that you don’t pay later. Affordable options do exist. You’re here. We are ready to assist. Inviting us to come alongside you or outsourcing altogether your HR processes can be the difference in helping you think more strategically about your HR.

Conflict management skills have never been more critical for leaders to navigate the complex and volatile nature of today’s workplace.

Don’t let your human relations be a secondary concern for business. What would your workplace look like if your human relations improved?

We are here to show you how!


Confidential and informal conflict resolution alternative by an experienced and impartial Professional Mediator


Guided discussion that encourages inquiry, structure, listening, and reflections through questions and perspective taking on complex community and workplace issues


Virtual or on-site workplace training on ADR and HR related topics

We Make It Easy

Side by side with your HR leaders laboring on your behalf. We are uniquely positioned with the expertise and experience to help your workplace thrive


Trusted strategic HR business partner to equip and empower your human relations and organization developmental needs

Conflict Coaching

Individual or team reflective learning through personalized development of conflict behaviors identified through profile feedback assessments


Full suite of customized services to support the successful execution of your people-projects

How We Make the Difference

We are not just HR professionals. We are conflict mechanics! Other HR consultancies are specialists at benefits, compensation, recruiting, and talent acquisition. We are great at that too! But, our niche is human relations. We are experts at strengthening and creating positive workplace cultures by redefining what it means to embrace workplace conflict. We take pride in our unique position to take on the role of your strategic HR partner providing a full suite of on-demand services to help your organization create a high-performing workplace culture that lead to dramatically reduced costs and time.


Optional suite of general HR services for more larger volumes of work and long-term HR needs that fit a variety of budgets


As needed experienced guidance with strategic planning and specialized HR projects 


Ongoing managed services for 3+ months to indefinite on-call HR expertise and support

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