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New Year
Hardships Insights & Highlights!

Effective communication is the foundation for all relationships — business and personal. When we as individuals in positions of influence whether as leaders in the family, leaders in the business, and leaders in the workplace use words carelessly or even harmfully, it comes at a significant cost. Leaders should only speak words that build up, affirm, and guide toward a better outcome.

December 2023

The Boss Factor

As bosses, leaders, corporate executives, small business owners, non-profit managers, people managers what are you doing meaningfully for those who work with you? Too often our focus is consumed on the client and the customer forgetting about the managers in our organizations and frontline employees.

October 2023

Conflict Proof: Ready. Set. Launch.

What an unbelievable year! Interestingly enough, as we wrap up the year I can’t say I am happy to see it go. This past year has been one of the most incredibly difficult years I have ever experienced, yet I am eternally grateful for where we are.

December 2022

Conflict Stories Over Football, Food, and Family Feuds

Thanksgiving is notorious for football, food, and family feuds. Be it the mother-in-law who fails to acknowledge Thanksgiving at your home means you are the host and insisting on waiting for your sister-in-law to arrive to cook all of the main dishes is unsolicited and problematic…no matter the scenario Thanksgiving is always ripe for conflict.

November 2022

Hallow-It-Be: Beat Cancer, Conflict, And Goblins!

Cancer has touched all of us in some way. We can beat cancer with education and information. The key is prevention and the key to prevention is awareness. Early detection is the best chance of successfully treating cancer and reducing one’s risk has even greater likelihood of preventing one from ever being diagnosed.

October 2022

Lighten Your Load: ADR Essentials

I must dedicate this month’s issue to everyone who was able to join and participate in our ADR Community Resource Fair – Blue By You – Conversations with an Officer!

February 2022

I’m Feeling 2022!

Can you believe the first month of 2022 is now almost a memory? February is upon us. As I take the last day of this month to reflect away from the hustle and bustle of the business…

January 2022

Baffled And True: Conflict Lessons In 2021

Wheeeww! Its been a doozy. Although 2021 was an unprecedented and challenging year, personally and professionally I have so much to be thankful for.

December 2021

Family Conflict…Sweet Potato Or Pumpkin!

November is now behind us. We made it through Thanksgiving; some of us, at least, I hope. So I don’t mean to start a rumble amongst family here but its the holiday season and I have…

November 2021

Conflict and Spooky Situations!

Okay, Okay, Okay! Maybe not a goblin but I have certainly been a ghost the past several months. I know! What was supposed to be a mental health break…

October 2021

Year Of The Dragon!

WHAT A YEAR! I think we can agree we were all taken to task in 2020 emotionally, mentally, psychologically, physically, and spiritually. However, I don’t want to talk about 2020 anymore…

January 2021

Special Edition – Christmas Conflict!

It twas the night before Christmas…the year of COVID! In just a few days the year 2020 is ending and I still can’t believe the year is finally coming to a close. Usually around this time…

December 2020

Feast on This

WHAT A YEAR! I think we can agree we were all taken to task in 2020 emotionally, mentally, psychologically, physically, and spiritually. However, I don’t want to talk about 2020 anymore…

November 2020

Falling Out of Love

Greetings and Happy Halloween! I no longer observe the day but recognize it is a time honored tradition. The significance of this particular day today is a challenge to only think about…

October 2020

Uncomfortable Conversations with a Mediator

Tomorrow marks the last day of the midterm of 2020 which means we’ve made it halfway through the year and summer is officially upon us. With it, has been a tsunami of emotions…

June 2020

Navigating Conflict: Break the Stigma

Memorial Weekend. Usually around this time the Thursday or Friday leading into the holiday weekend I and my family from as far west as Arizona and as far east as Virginia would…

May 2020

The New Normal: While Under Quarantine

GREETINGS! Family, friends, and colleagues. I hope this edition of our newsletter finds each of you safe well and practicing good health essentials.

April 2020

Welcome to Mediation: The Unknown Option

Welcome to Mediation: The Unknown Option! I am excited to share with you in this kickoff issue some unbelievable things we were blessed to be able to accomplish this past year.

February 2020

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